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Soarin x Rainbow Dash
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School Artwork Weeks 3-8 :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 17 7 Collab- Well, Hello There~ :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 219 17 Chrysilya Storm :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 46 4
Welcome To The World
Stressed. Restless. Anxious. Any word that you can think of would be perfect to describe Soarin' at this very moment. The sun was just starting to set, and the stallion was still pacing outside the barn, while his beloved girlfriend, Rainbow Dash, was giving birth to their first foal. But here's the thing, she hasn't gone through the full eleven months. It's only been nine.
It was a surprise to both of them. They were visiting Applejack and Caramel. They all sat down outside talking, and having a few laughs and chuckles while watching AJ and Caramel's three year old son, Cinnamon Apple, try to buck a few trees with Big Mac. Key word being try. Then all of a sudden, Dash started having contractions, and they were only getting worse every second. Soon, she realized that she was going into labor. And Soarin', being the calm stallion that he is, knew exactly what he had to do...............he passed out.
After a few slaps to the face, courtesy of Caramel, he woke up to see that Dash was no
:iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 9 7
A New Baby :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 42 2 Night To Remember :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 41 4 Not So Tough Love :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 34 2 Something Beautiful :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 24 1 Chrysanthos and Glider Sketch Dump #2 :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 109 12 School Artwork Weeks 1-2 :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 33 13 She's Here :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 116 10 PMOL Contest #2: Feeling A Bit Naughty :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 57 5 PMOL Contest #1: Latte :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 90 5 Humanized Royalty :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 88 5 MLP NG Humanized Headshots :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 51 6 Miraculous Cats Sketch Dump :iconcolorstirke:colorstirke 43 4


School Artwork Weeks 3-8
Here's some more artwork from the days in art class.

Characters in order:
1.Maui (Moana)
2.Nico (Rio)
3.Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck It Ralph)
4.Jack Frostdreamy sigh (Rise of the Guardians)
5.Balto (Balto)
6.Hiccup Haddock (How To Train Your Dragon 2)
7.Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
8.Bolt (Bolt)
9.Penny Proud (The Proud Family)who else remembers this show?
10.Li Shang (Mulan)
11.Jake Long (American Dragon: Jake Long)and this show?
12.Lady (Lady and the Tramp)
Collab- Well, Hello There~
This was a collab I did with :iconartistcoolpony:

I had a lot of fun doing this. I did a different outline coloring style for this. I'll do it more, but not for all of my deviations.
Okay, let me start off by saying, I'm still going to be posting fanart, I'm just going on a commission hiatus........again. I've been really stressed out lately and I just need to take a little break. I also need to work on some deviations I plan to submitgot to get those ideas in before I forget them!. I'll post the last two commissions I have yet to submit, and then I'm done with commissions for the time being. When will commissions start going again? Maybe when it gets closer to summer, since I'll be out of school then. I apologize for this, but I really need this break.
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Kristen Price
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I was born on June 24, 2001 and i am currently 15 yrs. old


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MadDiscordia410 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
No omg. You're younger than me! I can't call you "Senpai" XD You're sooo good at drawing man! X3
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